Reducing condensation build up

No matter what type of house you own, one of the key issues when it comes to winter is condensation. Here at Cansfield we understand that you want your home to feel cosy and warm not damp.

Here are a few steps you can take to control condensation……

Open trickle vents or open windows daily to draw out moist air,or consider fitting a humidity controlled extractor fan which will automatically kick in when moisture in the air rises.

Maintain a constant temperature.

A warm house can hold a greater amount of moisture in the air than a cold one ,so when the temperature drops the cool air cannot hold the volume of moisture,hence it is deposited onto cold surfaces as condensation.


Furniture too close to a cold surface ,ie wall can restrict the circulation of air in the room, leading to condensation and mould.Allow adequate space for free air flow.

Ensure adequate insulation.

This can be done internally, with minimal disruption, eliminating cold surfaces/Thermal Bridging ,it can dramatically reduce the amount of heat lost and significantly reduce heating bills.

If you would like more information or advice on condensation please contact us