Flat Roofing

GRP Fibreglass and Firestone Rubber

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Cansfield offer what we believe to be the two best flat roofing solutions available today- Edpm Firestone Rubber and GRP (fibreglass) roofing. These two systems cover all flat roofing situations and are on a par with regards to life expectancy.  Whether you have an existing flat roof, a new extension needing a flat roof or a garage flat roof we can offer a long lasting reliable alternative to traditional felt materials.


EPDM is a single ply synthetic rubber membrane which unlike most bituminous materials does not become brittle with age, EPDM will flex and resists all changes in temperature without cracking, peeling or pollution.

Our membranes come cut to the size for your requirement, which negates the problems associated with multiple joint, all potential points of failure, associated with traditional roofing felts. EDPM is available in any sizes up to a maximum of 15 metres in width and 30 metres in length. Most flat roofs are of a shape which can be covered in one single sheet, meaning relying onthe integrity of seams to keep the roof waterproof is a thing of the past.

Suitable for almost all flat or slightly pitched roofs including extensions, garages, dormers, porches etc with EDPM There are several systems that are used when fitting. Each system has its own individual points of interest and you can decide upon which fitting method best suits your particular application. We may not even have to strip your old felt etc.

20 Year guarantee with a life expectancy exceeding 50 years!

Once installed the EPDM requires little no maintenance.

Environmentally friendly – EPDM is an inert material which has a limited environmental impact during its manufacture in comparison to other membranes. When coupled with its high durability this makes EPDM extremely environmentally friendly.













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GRP FIBREGLASS (Glass Reinforced Polyester)

GRP is a flat roof waterproofing system comprising polyester resins in liquid form, reinforcement fibreglass mat and a range of pre-made edge trims in 3 metre lengths. When installed, these elements form a totally seamless hard wearing roof. It is available in dark grey as standard but may also be ordered in several colour options. A non-slip variant is also available.

Correctly installed a GRP Roof can be expected to last a lifetime and carries 20 year product guarantee. It is installed onto OSB 3 BBA approved boards, and has full fire certification.

Seamless performance for maximum protection
Our GRP flat roof waterproofing system utilises the very latest polyester resin technology to provide a tough and permanent solution to the age-old problem of leaking flat roofs. Fully bonded to the deck, it is fully integrated with all components designed to work with each other to produce a robust, heavy duty covering for faultless waterproof performance. With no seams or joints which are prone to failure in other systems,

Quality that lasts
Customers can confidently expect a lifetime of leak-free, maintenance free protection from our GRP installation. The membrane’s extremely hard wearing and can tolerates foot and resists attack from ultra violet light.

Versatile and adaptable
Our GRP System is not only ideal for flat roofing; it is highly versatile and can be used for Sloping roofs, green roofs and balconies of any complexity such as parapet walls, skylights, vent pipes etc.

Our GRP is available as standard in dark grey finish but a range of different colours are available on request. A slip-resistant finish can also be specified.

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Kinder to the planet
GRP is tough against leaks but kind to the environment. The longevity of GRP eliminates the cost and energy consumed by the manufacture of inferior systems which require repair or replacement at regular intervals.

GRP can also be specified to comply with Part ‘L’ of the Building Regulations concerning additional insulation if necessary, which will further reduce carbon emissions and save you money on your heating bills.

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